For products to stand out in today's saturated digital climate, marketing needs the authenticity of a friend's recommendation - but at scale! We specialise in helping brands leverage the power of influencer marketing to connect with millions of people in their target audience on YouTube.

Mavros Digital Creators Join Monster Legend's "YouTube Island"​

We were super excited to contribute to the launch of Monster Legend's latest game feature, the YouTuber Island, with our very own Doni Bobes and Bionic introduced as exclusive in-game characters!


Mavros Digital x Filmora X

In line with the launch of their latest video editing software Filmora X (v.10.5), we had great fun onboarding Wondershare as a client in August 2021. We executed a multi-integration campaign with over 10 of our YouTube creator roster - making Mavros Digital their largest #createwithFilmora partner agency!


Mavros Digital x Monster Legends

Socialpoint, with its specialisation in free-to-play social network games, is a well established force in the mobile gaming market. With our expertise in the YouTube space and a network of popular gaming creators speaking directly to their target audience, we were perfectly positioned to support Socialpoint in securing great partners for their marketing campaigns.